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Cotton Beach Club Ibiza


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Cotton Beach Club Ibiza, Guide & Review

Ibiza is a home to the world’s most paramount beach restaurants and clubs. Another must-visit is the luxurious and all-white Cotton Beach Club – located along the western shoreline of Ibiza. Inaugurated in 2014, Cotton Beach Club is nothing less than the epitome of White Isle style. Visit Cotton Beach Club for gorgeous sea views, great food and cocktails, the sensation of the stunning Ibiza sunset, and the pleasant Mediterranean breeze. There is a DJ playing relaxing Ibiza music, most of the time. Visit Cotton Beach Club to chill out, eat, and drink in a true island style in the day or even after the beach hours.

Trendy travelers and luring islanders alike, this beautiful and multi-level spot in Ibiza presents two awe-inspiring and panoramic restaurants – FAY restaurant tucks away on the rooftop and a Mediterranean restaurant sits on the ground terrace. In addition to that, there is a fashion boutique store. The boutique is driven by Kuru Kuru – offering a wide range of outfits from gala dresses and party outfits to resort and beachwear including all the up-to-date latest accessories. In addition to that, a variety of global brands and Ibiza’s most desired and wanted artists and designers is presented. Kuru Kuru will most probably make your caprices come true and provide you with any outfit for all sort of occasions and parties.

Cotton Beach Club is available for corporate events and exclusive private parties as well. Cotton Beach Club is also famed as one of the most authentic wedding establishments in Ibiza – offering much-admired 5-star services, fine dining, exquisite music, champagne receptions in a stunning and awe-inspiring setting of natural beauty. Celebrate your one-of-a-kind wedding with the endless and sparkling Mediterranean as a splendidly romantic backdrop. You will thank Cotton Beach Club for making your wedding one-in-a-lifetime event. Perfecto!

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