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Privilege Ibiza, Guide & Review

Ibiza is arguably blessed to have the ‘World’s Biggest Club” is its lap. However, such a privilege does not prepare you for the actual range of what you are going to face with Privilege. With two gigantic and monumental arenas, Privilege caters for all its guests. The Main Room – it is nothing less than an aircraft hangar that could engulf the most of the other clubs in Ibiza, wholly. The Vista Club – it is encased by glass via floor-to-ceiling windows – irradiating the room with a gorgeous view of Ibiza Town. Privilege’s Vista Club has become a paradise for techno and house raves. It is renowned for giving the grandiose and spectacular views as no other club can.

Privilege has layers of different areas to explore. It smashes down all the existing boundaries one may have in most of the clubs. Privilege is also famed for hosting the world’s most remarkable parties for almost a decade. Privilege’s most popular parties include SupermartXé, IAmARichBitch, and RESISTANCE. In these parties, the most paramount DJs, musicians, and artists of international fame make the appearance, every so often.

Like any other A1 club, Privilege offers its VIP areas for its VIP guests. VIP parking, get personalized attention, avoid the cue, are just some of the benefits our VIP guests can enjoy. Both, the Main Room and Vista Club offer VIP areas, 7 and 3 respectively. They provide the best vantage point for enjoying the Privilege experience in the best possible ways. Our VIPs cherish the shows and performances of their choice all from the top.

As its name indicates, Privilege is nothing short of an actual Privilege one might get in his or her life. It is your right to pay Privilege a visit. Otherwise, you might repent all your life to not enjoy a perfect night out ever!

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