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Hi Ibiza, Guide & Review

Are you a party reveler in Ibiza? This totally means you need to have to go to some extraordinary party. Then your hunt has ended because Hi, multi-award winning club is just the place for you to be. The place opened in 2017 and since then ithas been lightening up the summers of party goers.

Ibiza Club is parted in two rooms; the Theatre and the Club which display the light shows with a entirelynew theme every night. The place has some attractive offers for those who like to have a secluded or personal environment. The teepee tents can be availed along with a DJ booth. So that you can have your fun in a more personalized way and let the music be played in the background.

The dance floors, the bars, the stage, and the ambiance are all one of their kind and do the vigorous job to create a vibe which the party lovers need to have and love to have. The ambiance lit with dazzling lights will get you on your feet in no time.

Some of our high famed parties are Armin van Buuren, Black Coffee, Glitterbox, and Eric Prydz. The residencies are also an option to be considered at Hi, these residencies display some of the well-recognized names in the world of electronic music. Speaking of music, as you explore our club as the night passes by, you’ll learn that what a broad musical spectrum we play including trance, techno, deep house, trance, EDM, and disco.

We host the avant-garde customers from around the globe and also from the neighborhood throughout the season. If you plan to visit Hi which we suggest you must do, you should expect to pay somewhere between €20 and €50. Drinks can cost you between €13 and €18 or more.

Hi Dress Code Guidelines for Men and Women

If you are one of those party lovers who enjoy clubs which never seem to shut down, then Hi Club, Ibiza, is the perfect match for you. This night club has become a popular icon all around the world as the club that is forever partying. With some of the loudest and longest parties continuing all week long, Hi Club is an exceptional night club venue in Ibiza which is a must visit.

In order to gain entry into Hi Club, you will need to strictly follow their dress code rules. Here is a short guide on the Hi Club dress code guidelines telling you everything you need to know about what to wear and what not to wear to this club.

Hi Club Dress Code for the Ladies

The dress code policy for Hi Club is strictly Elegant and Sexy. This gives the ladies a chance to show off some of their best club outfits and dazzle the crowds.

A nice cocktail dress would be a great option for this club. You could opt for bling or sequined dress which will reflect light off of you as you enjoy the night on the dance floor. You could also try on a combination of a skirt with a fancy top.

As for shoes, if you are a high heels kind of woman, opt for platform heels or wedges. Otherwise, if you prefer flats, you can always opt for a fancy pair of ballerinas. Avoid sneakers, flip flops, and sandals, as they simply don’t spell “elegance”.

As for your hair and makeup, feel free to experiment with various looks that complement your outfit.

If you prefer more casual club attire, you could also opt for some designer jeans with a fancy blouse. Of course, if you opt for the balcony at Hi Club, it is preferable to opt for a dress or a gown instead.

Hi Club Dress Code for the Gents

The gents at Hi Club will be pleasantly surprised to know that the dress code policy here is quite relaxed. However, keep in mind that even in your relaxed club attire; you should look classy and chic.

You can always opt for a nice pair of jeans along with a collared shirt. If you prefer a t-shirt instead, go for one which does not look overly casual. Avoid wearing sleeveless t-shirts at any cost.

You can also go for a pair of formal trousers as they tend to look classier. Pair it up with dress shoes or formal shoes and you have the perfect outfit in hand for Hi Club!

Avoid wearing any kind of sports gear to this club as it is strictly prohibited. This includes sports tees, jerseys, caps and hats, and running shoes.

Our Suggestions

Hi Club, Ibiza, has a super relaxed atmosphere, so you can dress as comfortably as you wish. Opt for a pair of comfortable shoes as you might find yourself on the dance floor all night!

If you have any other doubts about the dress code policy, you can contact the club. You can also check out the official website for Hi Club, Ibiza, to find out more about the dress code policy here.

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