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Ibiza Rocks, Guide & Review

In 2005, the brains behind Ibiza Rocks came up with an electrical notion – they were wanting to escort live music to the island. Being bored with the typical commercial direction, they wanted something novel and better than the superstar DJs and super clubs. With this idea in mind, they invited the true antagonists for Ibiza clubland – Babyshambles and Pete Doherty – for playing a beach party. People said that it would not work but it actually turned the world on its head. It was what the Ibiza needed.

Ibiza Rocks Group kept hosting a wide range of top-notch live acts for three years before it launched the Ibiza Rocks Hotel in the year 2008. Even after a decade, Ibiza Rocks still keeps challenging the soundscape of the isle, more often than not. Now, people of Ibiza are hungry for live music. Be it folk, electronic, urban, rock, and indie – Ibiza Rocks guarantees that all the bases are covered.

Long ago, the main live music venue in Ibiza Rocks was the Bar M (now known as Ibiza Rocks Bar). A new bigger location was needed on account of the huge success of the parties. Now the central courtyard of the hotel serves the function of a live music venue. It has a big pool that has become the backdrop of some most unforgettable moments when the audience and even the artists splash around. The Ibiza Rocks Hotel has truly become the home of pool parties. Next to the stage, under the stars, nearby pool – the Tuesday night will make your holiday worth remembering.

Now the people, all around the world recognize Ibiza Rocks Hotel as ‘the home of the pool party’. Remember folks, Ibiza Rocks is your second home on the isle where you can enjoy the best of live music with your loved ones around.

Ibiza Rocks Dress Code Guide for Men and Women

Located right at the heart of Ibiza, Ibiza Rocks is a legendary poolside venue which hosts some of the best parties in town. Party lovers from all over the globe visit this iconic night club venue to enjoy some of the most exhilarating parties. The poolside parties at this venue are always a big hit, attracting some of the trendiest crowds from all over town.

If you wish to enjoy an amazing party at Ibiza Rocks, you will need to know about their dress code policy. Here is a short guide telling you everything you need to know about the dress code guidelines of Ibiza Rocks, Ibiza.

Ibiza Rocks Dress Code for the Ladies

Ibiza Rocks has an extremely relaxed dress code policy, and of course, it should since it is a poolside venue! This basically means that the dress code includes some of the best swimwear you can get.

For the ladies, opt for some of the most attractive swimwear that you have always wanted to show off. You can either go for a tie-up bikini-style costume, or a one piece with interesting cuts which show off your silhouette well.

Once you are out of the pool, you can opt for casual wear like shorts, tank tops, fancy blouses paired with miniskirts, distressed jeans, etc.

As for your shoes, opt for the most comfortable pair you can get your hands on! Of course, if you want to show off your fancy heels, you are always welcome to do so!

As for your makeup, opt for the best waterproof makeup you can get your hands on. Don’t forget to pack on the sunscreen. Put on some waterproof mascara with minimal liner, some bright and vivid eye shadow, and matte, waterproof lipsticks.

Keep your hair in long, flowing waves. You can even opt for some hair accessories to spice up the look.

Ibiza Rocks Dress Code for the Gents

As for the gents at Ibiza Rocks, as long as you are in the water, you are free to be shirtless! Choose an interesting swimwear which can draw some attention towards you.

As for the parties, you can opt for a fancy shirt, but can also go for a casual t-shirt if you wish. Jeans and dress shoes will do just fine as well, along with a t-shirt. You can also opt for sleeveless t-shirts for the poolside parties as this is one of the only places which will let you wear sleeveless t-shirts and shorts for their parties!

Keep in mind that the club is strict only about one thing; no kind of sportswear is allowed at this club. This means no sports t-shirts, sleeveless shirts, jerseys, caps and running shoes. You can, of course, wear any other kind of fancy caps if you wish to.

Our Suggestions

Ibiza Rocks is pretty relaxed about its dress code policy, with just a few pointers to keep in mind. Make sure you visit the official website for Ibiza Rocks so you can take a look at the pictures and find out more about what kind of outfits you can wear to this club.

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