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DC10 Ibiza, Guide & Review

The unique style of partying at DC10 has been sustained over the years since the place was opened first in 1990. If you want to witness a relic in the world of partying, DC10 is the place you should be at, as this place has kept the originality of the party environment alive.

DC10 has gained all notoriousness for having the underground ambiance in its parties. This trance-inducing fun is then followed by a bunch of some general fun games to spice up the night. Another exclusive characteristic of this incredible place is that publicizing its events is not DC10’s attribute which is an indication that the visitors of D10 have a real-developed-taste for the underground electronic music played in this specific fun-cultivating place. In recent past at the Electronic Music Awards, DC10 was nominated for the Club of the Year.

Ibiza’s only club that offers its dance floor in the afternoon is known by the name DC10. If you haven’t had that yet, the place always awaits you to come. The fact that a lot of DJs have emerged high in the world from this club tells much about the commitment this club has towards the music. The most famed parties at this place the partiers have reveled are Circoloco and Paradise. Circoloco was originally started at DC10 then gained popularity in various countries of the world and now has become a partying style worldwide. Paradise is the partying style of no less popular among the partiers.

With a simple, classic out-front and vast dance floors for a crowd as big in number as 1500, DC10 has kept all its elegance and amusement alive for which it has been known since the initial days of its existence. The place is relatively cheaper and lets you have the fun in exchange for reasonable payments.

DC10 Dress Code Guide for Men and Women

The most notorious night club in Ibiza, DC10 is like no other club you have visited before. All the rules which you have read about and heard of in other night clubs do not apply to this club. DC10, with its quirky and unusual name, is the definition of ‘quirky and unusual’ night clubs in Ibiza. This night club is definitely not for the faint of heart!

For those who want to attempt taking a dive into the ambience of DC10, here is a short guide on the dress code guidelines for this night club. Be sure to go through it carefully as there are a lot of little tips that might come in handy for you.

DC10 Dress Code for the Ladies

The main thing to remember at DC10 is the fact that there are no rules! This infamous night club has become famous due to this very rule; no rules!

While bikini tops and short, casual clothes might be restricted in other night clubs in Ibiza, DC10 literally calls for this kind of a dress code! Glamorous looking bikini tops are one of the favorite outfits of the ladies here at DC10. Pair it along with a skirt or with shorts, because you definitely do not want to wear trousers or fancy pants here, owing to both the ambience as well as the heat levels outdoors!

As for the shoes, stick to wedges or flats. While you can always wear flip flops if you wish to, it is not recommended because you run the risk of people stomping on your toes. It gets pretty crowded here, so wedges and flats might actually be the best option.

As for accessories, don’t forget to carry a nice pair of shades, because, during the summer parties, this will be your only savior!

DC10 Dress Code for the Gents

Wear as little as possible to keep you comfortable; this is the biggest piece of advice you can get for DC10. Of course, another piece of good advice would be to not dress as if you have just stepped out of the beach! Put in a little bit of effort into your look, however, you can leave the chinos, trousers and formal shoes at home.

Opt for comfortable sneakers as it would be your best option for this club. Sleeveless shirts are just fine, as are casual t-shirts and shorts. Black seems to be a major favorite amongst party goers here, as is the color red. Of course, you can choose to be more vivid and colorful and experiment with your looks.

As for your hair and beard, DC10 does not call for the perfectly shaped and trimmed look, so go all out and experiment as you wish to!

Don’t forget to carry a nice pair of shades and a statement hat or cap. More than style, it could really be of good use during the summer parties.

Our suggestions

If you must carry a bag, carry a cross body or sling bag, one which cannot be easily accessed from the outside. The insane crowds at this venue make it a dangerous place for carrying valuables.

Don’t forget to check out the official website for DC10 and find out more about the dress code guidelines here!

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