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Blue Marlin Ibiza, Guide & Review

Find Blue Marlin in the lovely Cala Jondal Bay. Blue Marlin welcomes guests every day from May till October. With the passing time, Blue Marlin has become the key to live the Ibiza-VIP-style up and has gained so much popularity that they have launched an official Blue Marlin water taxicab service, used to shuttle the exclusive clients from their intimate yachts to the bar. Blue Marlin is also accessible by automobiles and extends both nighttime and daytime fun.

Huddled on a stony beach at the south-west of the isle, overlooking the striking water, Blue Marlin will arguably make you forget about all your monotonous routine and life. It is mainly set open-air and offers copious daybeds, ideal for you to share with your special someone. The point is to provide you with exclusive comfort just as of your home.

Blue Marlin serves a fusion of Orient flavors and Mediterranean cuisine. Head chef Christian Dintl with Tom Blackshaw and their team bring up a wide range of phenomenal dishes. They are on hand to prepare the finest dishes for you. Blue Marlin has further spread to the alluring port of Marina Nueva, as a ‘Blue Marlin Ibiza Marina’ restaurant. The restaurant offers a wide range of gastronomic seafood accompanied by a fizzy cocktail and for sure a DJ on-site.

Blue Marlin is especially known as the genuine party destination with the house and techno DJ guests’ points including Uto Karem, Dosem, Christian Varela and Mendo, and live music such as Barbara Tucker. The alluring girls hop on the roof or share cocktails with guests. A party normally goes on till 4 am in the morning.

So, with an outside chillout area, restaurant, an entirely equipped kitchen, and an indoor party area, Blue Marlin gives the isle a Balearic gem providing the top-notch quality service.

Blue Marlin Dress Code Guide for Men and Women

Blue Marlin is a destination like you have never seen before; an expanse of pure pleasure and luxury dotted with cocktail stations, sushi, and local seafood stands, and lots of sunbeds for those who want to work on their tans. By day, Blue Marlin is a perfect beach resort which transforms into a throbbing with life night club venue by night.

For those who wish to gain access to this wonderful night club destination in Ibiza, you will need to know about the dress code policy for this club. Here is a short guide on everything you need to know about the Blue Marlin dress code policy for men and women.

Blue Marlin Dress Code for the Ladies

Since Blue Marlin is literally a beach club during the day, the beach accessories and outfits which are otherwise not allowed in other night clubs would be allowed during the day time in this venue. However, if you plan on attending the night time parties at Blue Marlin, then the same rules would apply as other night clubs.

For day time parties, the ladies can put on a beautiful sundress, some super cool, creative makeup, platform heels or ballerina shoes, and of course, experiment with some long, flowing beach waves or hair accessories.

For night time, however, these kinds of outfits would not be allowed. Ladies will have to stick to smart casuals; a nice cocktail dress, it can be something summery and flowy. Pair it up with a nice platform heel, and opt for a more subtle, fancy makeup as compared to the loud, vivid makeup you might have applied for the day time parties.

As for what you need to avoid, keep away from bikini tops, flip flops and sandals, any kind of sportswear and trainers, running shoes, and beachwear (for the night time parties).

Blue Marline Dress Code for the Gents

The general ambience at Blue Marlin is casual and friendly, so whether you decide to attend the day time parties or the night time ones, you can stick to a casual dress code for this club.

A nice t-shirt, a pair of jeans or three-quarter shorts, and a nice comfortable pair of shoes would be the best option for this club. You can always opt for a fancy shirt for the night time parties, but this is completely your choice.

One thing you should keep in mind is that you must avoid wearing flip flops, sleeveless shirts and shorts for the night time parties at Blue Marlin. While it is still acceptable for the day time parties, you will be restricted access to the club if you end up in this outfit for the night time parties, so be careful!

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Blue Marlin is a relaxed, fun and comfortable place for locals and international party-goers alike to simply wind down and have a good time at. You do not need to worry too much about the dress code here, simply be aware of the different rules for the night time and day time parties. Of course, be sure to visit the official website for Blue Marlin so you get a better picture of what kind of outfits you can experiment with at this club in Ibiza!

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