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Cafe Del Mar Ibiza, Guide & Review

Inaugurated in 1980, Café del Mar soon established its name as one of the most cherished spots in Ibiza in bringing together incredible sunsets, sensational music, gastronomic food, and fun. 30 years have been passed and Café del Mar is still treasured and respected as a lively acme of the sundown strip. In some recent years, many new sunset bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and lounges such as Kanya, Savannah, Mint, and Mambo join Café de Mar. In spite of this, however, Café del Mar is successful in retaining its position amidst devoted Ibiza partygoers as the best and original sunset bar. And it is all on account of the simple notion behind it – sit by the seashore, admire the splendid sunsets, embrace the electric and ambient soundtracks by the most acknowledged DJs in the bar. It is also a pioneer in releasing its chill-out music compilation albums yearly since 1994.

The distinguishing marks of Café del Mar include a wise and careful selection of drinks, food, music, and soothing natural surroundings. The menu is diverse and gastronomic that includes a variety of delightful salads, scrumptious kinds of seafood, tasty vegetables, and thirst-quenching drinks and cocktails. When it comes to music and stuff, Café de Mar created a brand-new musical trend, enhanced through the recordings of chill-outs and DJ live sessions – ambient, lounge, Balearic beats, and chill house selected tracks, all of which added to make Café del Mar an original musical genre, selling masses of records globally every year.

Café del Mar is nothing less than an Ibiza’s ritual – a quintessential and archetypal experience for both veterans and virgins alike. The history of Café del Mar lingers with the new episodes featuring you as a sponsor of its values. So, keep visiting Café del Mar to relax and recline every so often.

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