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Cafe Mambo Ibiza, Guide & Review

Café Mambo was once a small Ibizan house before it transformed into one of the most paramount and iconic bars and restaurants on San Antonio’s eminent sunset strip. Launched by Javier Anadon in 1994, Café Mambo has since boomed and extended to become the most talked about venue in Ibiza and San Antonio alike. Café Mambo does not only provide the sunset trip with a treasured spot that only serves up delectable food but also a venue for locals and tourists to cherish music from internationally acclaimed DJs and musicians. The DJ booth, which is placed behind the tables overlooking the main walkway is taken over by Solomun, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar, Guy Gerber in an average week. This brings an unsurpassed environment that together with the mesmerizing scenery will arguably take you to a make-believe paradise.

Café Mambo takes pride in winning the award for ‘The Best Bar in Ibiza’ many a time that makes it stand out in contributing to the isle’s nightlife in general and transforming of San Antonio in particular. While the café provides holidaymakers with a lively music scene every night, it still remains original and embraces the allure of the White Isle as in its décor of marble, mosaic, and furniture. Café Mambo keeps open throughout the day. Apart from offering an exclusive nighttime entertainment, Café Mambo also makes an ideal pit-stop for the evening strolls.

Grab a delightful strawberry daiquiri while reclining on a calm terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. As the sun goes down, the energetic crowd filters in and fill the venue creating an awe-inspiring atmosphere. Subsequent to that, the DJs and artists bring in the contagious house sounds that fill the air. If you want to dine in at Mambo then reserve your table beforehand as it becomes hard to get your favorite corner as the place gets populated at the time of sunset.

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