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Gong Disco Senior Buenos Aires, Guide & Review

Located in Av. Córdoba, just a few meters from the Las Cañitas area, Gong Disco Senior is a nightclub and restaurant at the same time, where music and fun are the main characters of the night.

The exterior looks like a house and comes in with doors and is greeted by beautiful winding stairs, with the same atmosphere and interior—closer than a club but better than your teammates’ house party. Downstairs there are cool mirrors, but if you want to go where the event goes up the shelf. House/funk/soul music will be played all night for everyone to dance. The biggest bonus: entry is free!

Considered the largest Latin American club (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender), this is a crazy night for anyone, gay or straight! The venue accommodates 1,800 people and is spread across three dance floors that each feature different genres called the Caribbean, Crystal, and Continental. Between the smoke machines and the strobe lights, you will be able to find the music you want to dance to.

A cool club bar with a friendly atmosphere and a welcoming crowd. Go to this disco bar to dance the night away with your partner. DJs play a lot of different music from the nineties to the most recent to keep the audience enthusiastic all night long. If you like to dance to electronic pop and Latin songs, you can visit this bar to dance the night away.

The strange thing about it: the entry fee covers your liquor overnight! Yes, there is no exaggeration. Paying to join the club gives you the authority to release all non-alcoholic beverages overnight. Now, that really begs a hangover.

Gong Disco Senior has opened its doors every weekend in Belgrano. The nightclub had its golden age in the mid-70s and 80s when disco, funk, and soul music were at their peak. Take time to visit Gong Disco Senior.

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