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Being Ibiza’s latest clubbing, art, and dining temple – Heart Ibiza is a pleasure den of leisure, fun, and free-spiritedness. Heart Ibiza is located in the heart of Ibiza, creating a fusion between music, gastronomy, and art by the Cirque du Soleil and the Adria brothers. Hence, Heart is the exclusive place where one can enjoy the expertise of Adria brothers, the spell working of Cirque du Soleil and the unmatched swank of the clubbing experience.

Heart Ibiza is famous for high-quality food, top-notch crowd, diverse music policy, and standout performers. People come here from all over the world to make the most out of their quality time. An exclusive experience that brings up through different arenas of Heart Ibiza. The incredible and breathtaking views of Dalt Vila from the terrace and a sip of aperitif before a most exquisite meal will arguably take you in an imaginary world. Heart Ibiza is proud to present its world-renowned chefs, Albert Adrià, Guy Laliberté, and brothers Ferran. On the other hand, the artistic Cirque du Soleil is the mastermind of all entertainment sides. Their wisely devised format summons you to have a perfect drink at the terrace, followed by superlative dining in the atmospheric LAB, with a fusion of downtempo electronic dance music. Finally, get together in the clubbing space which hosts the real superstar acts. Popular parties include Bedouin presents Saga, La Troya, and Heart Factory.

As night sets in, Heart Ibiza accelerates its sound and rhythm and transforms its space into a nightclub. The originality and exclusivity of the performances together with the creativity and efforts of all the parties; give birth to a lavish atmosphere in which you will get lost, forget about all the worries, and explore a novel way of relishing the Ibiza night to its fullest. Make hurry in getting your full share of enjoyment at Heart.

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