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Salinas, one of the Ibiza’s most paramount and prominent beaches, has now become a family-friendly resort. It enjoys an unmatched level of coolness. One of the integral parts of Salinas friendliness and coolness is the scattering of absolute and impartial beach resorts and one such club is the epitome of welcoming and warm attitude is the Jockey Club. Being located on the protected national park of Salinas; Jockey Club also rolls in the declaration of Ibiza as one of the world heritage. The notorious prancing horse embraces all the comers while offering family-friendly and professional services in a most stylish way.

Since 1993, the Jockey Club has been a seaside restaurant with the spirit of an outdoor bar. Quality, variety, and fresh food is the philosophy of the people behind this restaurant. At Jockey Club you will experience all the qualities and services of an exquisite restaurant without suffering the loss of the original and lively chiringuito (outdoor bar). The exclusive, high-class, and thirst-quenching wine list, scrumptious Mediterranean menu, sunbeds, the Jockey shop, DJs, fruit and cocktail bar; all within a convivial and friendly atmosphere is the collaboration of the professional staff and customers.

Oliver Lanzoni, the club owner is so interested and hands-on that you will him looking out for his staff and customers, twelve hours a day and six days a week. Such dedication is evident throughout the venture. It is the best place to spend a day, drinking sublime wine, eating top-notch food, and appreciating great hospitality.

The DJ at Jockey Club plays from 3 pm till 8 pm and after leaving the place you will find yourself helpless to forget all those rejuvenating sounds and beats as the club produces its exclusive CD almost every year. So, waste not a single more moment, get up and go a bundle on it!

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