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Nassau Beach Club Ibiza


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Nassau Beach Club Ibiza, Guide & Review

Inaugurated in 2008, Nassau Beach Club is comparatively veteran among its contemporary bars and clubs in Playa de’nBossa. It is one of the most beautiful, vibrant, and unique venues that combine both modern qualities and Balearic charm; merge together to just to bring the isle an original and ideal beachside hangout. Apart from being home to a beach bar, Tepanyaki lounge, and restaurant, Nassau also owns a splendid fashion boutique. It makes an ideal party place hosting its original events all through the year.

Fusing the worlds of food and science, the menu is all inspired by the ‘molecular gastronomy’ or ‘Cocina Autor’ movement, which permits the chefs and cooks to be experimenting with the elements whilst producing best and quality foo, resulting in tantalizing yet unconventional dishes. In addition to that, the Tepanyaki Lounge also extends a more reclined and chill out setting while serving up a wide range of Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. A fine selection of cocktails and drinks served up by restaurant’s very own cocktail connoisseurs.

Sitting far away from the center of Bora Bora and resort to keep the unruly party crowd at an arm’s length, this tranquil stretch of long beach still remains a cool place to catch the rays. An army of waiters and staff ensures your comfort right to your sunbed. What more can a person wish for while sitting on a reclined terrace, enjoying one-of-a-kind gastronomic food, and most delightful cocktails with a piece of soft beach music by our native DJs and artists in the backdrop? Nassau has it all from a fashion boutique, club, restaurant, valet service, easy car parking, and shower facilities. So, make hurry in rushing to the place where you will arguably get that experience of your life, which you will fail to forget ever!

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