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Nikki Beach Ibiza, Guide & Review

Tucked away on a splendacious and luxurious beachfront on Santa Eulalia, Ibiza; Nikki Beach Ibiza deliver its guests an ultramodern and dapper venue to play. Overlooking the awe-inspiring Balearic sea, Nikki Beach Club comprises a signature beachside club, a natty lifestyle boutique, and an A1 restaurant.

An internationally acclaimed classy brand, Nikki Beach is failing to disappoint and dishearten those expecting cool luxury in contemporary and stylish surroundings. The furnishing is lavishly appointed with bohemian teepees, chic drapery, and magnificent white sunbeds; all perfect for lazy style and comfort while sipping a flavorful cocktail or champagne, serenaded by the relaxing and rejuvenating beats by Nikki Beach’s resident DJs. The live music on saxophone and electric violin are sure to take in an imaginative dreamlike world.

Nikki Beach’s event calendar is always packed with top-notch entertainment. Their beach parties are excellently bewitching and glam events. Dates, for instance, the Yacht Party and the annual White Party are put in place to add a definite flavor of cosmopolitan dignity to the island summer scene. The gastronomic menu is both impressive and extensive featuring a delectable and mouthwatering range of salads, seafood, sushi, and luscious dishes including slow-roasted rotisserie chicken and Cilantro lime chicken.

This stylish and excellent venue is the best spot for holding that special event and is open to hiring for all sorts of celebrations, get-togethers, and private parties when only the ideal will do. Nikki Beach You can either reserve a place or rent out the whole beach club for your party.

Nikki Beach extends the unblemished and ideal VIP services, sumptuous dining, lavish comfort with the programmes of matchless entertainment. So, set your sails, as a truly unlikely, beyond the realm of reason, and staggering experience is awaiting you at Nikki Beach.

Nikki Beach Dress Code Guide for Men and Women

For those who are attracted to supreme luxury, style, and elegance, Nikki Beach in Ibiza fits perfectly into your bill. This poolside party location offers its party lovers with everything luxurious; beautiful sunbeds, delicious dining experiences, mouth-watering cocktails and mind-blowing parties going on all night. Nikki Beach is an exclusive location which offers some of the best parties that you can imagine.

If you wish to enjoy an amazing experience at Nikki Beach, Ibiza, then you need to comply with the dress code policy of this venue. Here is a short guide telling you everything you need to know about the dress code guidelines for Nikki Beach, what you should wear and what you should not wear here.

Nikki Beach Dress Code for the Ladies

The dress code policy for Nikki Beach is strictly chic beachwear. Since Nikki Beach is a poolside party venue, you can wear your best beach wear to this location. However, you have to wear some of the trendiest, chic, most fashionable beach wear only.

When it comes to fashionable beach wear at Nikki Beach, Ibiza, you will find the ladies dressed in some of the chicest looking bikini sets and one piece costumes which complement their silhouettes. You can always put on a fancy sarong over your beachwear when you enjoy the music and drink your cocktails with your gang.

You can also wear some fancy beach shorts with your bikini top, or even put on a comfortable spaghetti strap top over your bikini top if you wish to.

Keep your hair open as it will complement your beachwear best, however, you can also put on some hair accessories to spice up your look.

As for your shoes, you can wear flip flops and sandals. Adventurous ladies can also opt for high heels, wedges, and ballerinas. However, avoid any kind of gym gear and sportswear at any cost as this is strictly prohibited at Nikki Beach.

Nikki Beach Dress Code for the Gents

Nikki Beach has a relaxed dress code policy for the gents; however, the classy and chic look must be looked after at all times.

Put on a nice beach shirt and shorts, along with sandals and flip flops. However, you can also choose to wear a shirt with nice dress shoes for the evening parties. As for the poolside parties, put on some of the fanciest pair of swimming trunks you own and you are good to go!

The atmosphere at Nikki Beach, Ibiza, is quite relaxed. Keep yourself well groomed; however, you can always turn up with messy beach hair as well if you wish to.

As for what you need to avoid, keep away from any kind of clothes that can be deemed as sports gear or gym wear. This includes sports caps, trainers, running shoes, sports tees, and sleeveless shirts, and jerseys.

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While the general atmosphere at Nikki beach is quite relaxed, they are still strict about their dress code policy being followed. You can always check out the official website for Nikki Beach and find out more about the dress code guidelines for this venue. Go through the pictures and find some ideas on what kind of club attire you can wear here!

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