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Requiem Club Buenos Aires, Guide & Review

Monday is not the time to slow down in this city. Requiem Club is one of the fastest, most vibrant live music concerts you’ve ever had and is one of the unique things you can do in Buenos Aires. Tucked away in an old barn on the outskirts of the city center, a group of advanced songwriters stepped onto the stage and attracted the crowd to this almost spiritual rhythm! Grab a large beer, a spot near the stage, and dance to your heart’s content. There will be sweat, and there will be rhythms that you cannot keep up with. There will also be a large line in front, but do not worry: when the doors open, they move quickly. The other night before, the party started at 7 pm – 10 am. Those who kick in afterward often head for the nearby, Requiem Club is a two-story multi-dance venue that hosts a hip-hop R&B party every Monday night, popular with locals, expatriates, and tourists alike.

DJs play electronic music to create an incredibly unique and hype ambiance at the club. You can spend the morning hours dancing, drinking, or relaxing in their comfortable sofas.

A good nightclub that hosts a lot of live shows and music events on the weekends. They provide the best food and drink. If you like rock music and like to have a good time listening to a lot of rock bands, this club will be right for you. Live bands, beautiful films, and a unique atmosphere make this place popular with locals. The place is very nice, and the music keeps people on their feet.

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