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Find the Santos Ibiza Club at the quiet end of Playa de’n Bossa coastline strip, overlooking the Mediterranean in all its gleaming glory. It is actually a club with its two hotels that boast modern-day apartments. It also has a colossal pool area, serviced by an excellent bar that extends delicious and thirst-quenching cocktails right to your daybeds.

If there is anything that blends ideally with the beach, the sun, and the lavish hotel beds then that would be a gastronomic meal and a perfect cocktail. Santos Ibiza has reshaped all its catering and culinary services to suit every occasion and the moment of the day – the exclusive menu tailor-made for the ones who are reclining on the daybeds, a delightful collection of Coast Club cuisine and arguably the most paramount cocktails on the isle.

During the daytime, the spot is the sun worshippers’ fortress, decked and decorated in an aqua dye palate that adds to the exquisiteness of the Balearic afternoon sun. By the night, Santos Ibiza Coast Club comes alive as in a wide range of native DJs and artists who more often than not, take the party to an unexpected fun and entertainment. The closing and opening parties are most famous for this. A piece of powerful electronic music at night will arguably take you an insane world.

Santos Ibiza Coast Club invites all of you to kick back in the evening with extravagant cocktails. In addition to that, they offer you a very intriguing outdoor film showing and program of live music. Come here to get the parties started before boarding the eventful wander down the main street to some of the Ibiza’s phenomenal clubs. So, rush to the place as all the fun and entertainment is awaiting you here. Hoping to see you in Santos soon.

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