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Underground Ibiza, Guide & Review

Lying between Privilege and Amnesia, Underground remains out of sight for the most part yet it is the most sought-after gem for the fun-seekers. What makes this club stand apart from the rest of the lot is its haunt where the surroundings are calm and quiet and the music does all the talking. So, for the locals and the residents, it is an open fun secret.
Outstanding line-ups, low-key parties and off the beaten tracks are the most captivating features appealing the major chunk of the visitors. Additionally, entrance fee to this heavenly club is nominal and the visitors are served with the most-awaited drink right after they step into this paradise. What more one can ever wish for!

Unlike the popular trend of vast-scale advertising and promotional stunts disseminated through various channels, Underground is indulged in little to no promotional activities except for a minimum low being carried out through social media channels for it believes in bringing in a familiarized crowd so there remains an intimate vibe among the party lovers. This is yet again one heck of a differentiating feature, which makes Underground one of a kind and matchless among its competitors.

In accord with the no-frills surroundings of the club, what is offered on the menu card is also not hefty on one’s pocket. Drinks are not only intoxicating but are affordable too. No drink is above €10, so yeah, having fun that too on a budget is not a thing of the past. Getting there is also not much of a big deal for a bus stop is nearby and a taxi charges not more than €15 from Ibiza Town and San Antonio and coming from Playa d’en Bossa the fare is just €20.

Don’t dare to miss out on an opportunity to pay this super club a visit if you ever come to the town or it will become for you, a regret for life!

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