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Ushuaia Ibiza, Guide & Review

Fond of daytime clubbing and watching out for the best place in Ibiza? Check out Ushuaïa Ibiza at your earliest. Ushuaïa has established its name for bringing up the long-held heritage of outdoor day-time clubbing back to the isle.

Ushuaïa Ibiza has been a flare in Playa d’enBossa since its launch in 2011. The hotel, not only offers the finest accommodation but also the thrilling event programs – boasting some of the internationally famed names in electronic music. On account of its best stage production, perfect VIP section, and big-name DJs, Ushuaïa has successfully established its name as one of the most notable venues on the island, over a few years.

The hotel has now diversified as it includes the luxurious and swanky Ibiza Tower nearby, boasting a phenomenal outdoor decor with luxury accommodation. In addition to that, a stunning pool area together with the rooftop terrace with arresting views of the island is just overwhelming proposals of Ushuaïa.

Enjoy your party from one of the most exclusive spaces of Ibiza. Your nights begin in the lavish way when you experience the Ushuaïa’s spirit to its fullest. You are sure to enjoy the parties as you deserve. What more one can ask for while getting one of the most worthwhile sitting with the paramount service and international celebrities around? ODYSSEY, CALVIN HARRIS, ANTS, ELROW and MARTIN GARRIX are just some of the world-class events, which Ushuaïa’s Ibiza takes pride in dispatching. The world-renowned artists, musicians, DJs come here to perform and play. The management and staff making more than 100 people are all the time taking care of even the smallest details of the event.

Give Ushuaïa’s Ibiza a visit shortly to explore its fun and perkiness. Otherwise, you are sure to regret on missing out one of the life-influencing buoyant experiences ever. Hoping to see you here very soon!

Ushuaia Dress Code Guide for Men and Women

One of the most amazing open-air clubs you will find in the White Island, Ushuaia, with its fun and quirky name has a very comfortable yet vibrant atmosphere as well. This club hosts some of the most enthralling day parties by the poolside, making it a huge attraction amongst locals and tourists alike. With some of the most fascinating menu and drinks, an amazing ambience by the poolside, and superb performances, Ushuaia is not an experience you want to miss out on.

If you want to know how you can gain entry into Ushuaia, then you need to follow their dress code guidelines closely. Here is a short guide on everything you need to know about the Ushuaia Dress Code policy for men and women.

Ushuaia Dress Code for the Ladies

Whether you are visiting Ushuaia for a day party or a night party, the standard dress code rules apply to all the occasions, so this is all you need to know about it.

The dress code policy for Ushuaia Club is Smart Casuals. However, in reality, Ushuaia has a very relaxed dress code policy for all its enthusiastic party lovers. Since Ushuaia is a poolside location, you will find a lot of the women dressed in some of the most attractive looking bikini tops, sarongs, and slip on dresses. On the other hand, you will find a lot of glamorous divas dressed in beautiful long dresses, and even cocktail dresses for the evening parties.

You can choose to dress any way you wish to, according to your mood of the day! Carry your bikini top with you, since you will be tempted to hop into the water sooner or later. Of course, while entering and leaving the premises, you will have to be appropriately dressed in either jeans and a blouse, or a skirt, fancy tops, shorts, or even a dress.

As for your shoes, you can always opt for your high heels, but the platform feels, wedges and ballerinas will do just fine.

Ushuaia Dress Code for the Gents

As for the gents here at Ushuaia, for the poolside parties, of course, you can choose to wear your swimming trunks only. However, in order to enter and exit the club venue, you will have to carry appropriate clothing with you.

Jeans and a nice, casual t-shirt would be just fine for Ushuaia. You can also choose to wear shorts. For the evening parties, you can opt on a nice fancy shirt if you wish to.

As for your shoes, casual sneakers are just fine for this club, however, avoid wearing trainers or running shoes as this will not be allowed under any circumstances.

Even with a super relaxed dress code policy, Ushuaia has just a few ground rules which you will need to follow to gain entry into this club.

Our suggestions

Whatever you decide to wear at the poolside parties, remember to always carry a change of clothes if you wish to gain entry into the venue.

As for any other ideas on what you can wear to Ushuaia, Ibiza, you can always check out the official website for this club and find out more on what kind of club outfits you can wear to this club!

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