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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Tel Aviv

1. Radio EPGB Tel Aviv

 Radio EPGB Tel Aviv

Search more than Radio EPGB on your night out target club. Home of underground and indie electronics in Tel Aviv. It is a heavy description for a very special and unique place. Located in a basement just off of Rothschild Boulevard, be ready for a different experience. At Radio EPGB Hip hop and new and old trap open the week with Kabokiz all night on the stand. Saturday night is a very good reason to get out of the house and get a short or even very long drink, it’s all up to you even tonight we are open without exceptions, on the dex Sarah Mitzi who is Marina Tu de Max. Very good go hop music every day you can dance to it. In a basement, dark with amazing layout and lighting there is different genres of music every night.

2. Kuli Alma Tel Aviv

Kuli Alma Tel Aviv

At Tel Aviv is the most nightlife place to be on your night out. It is lively and we Kuli Alma we are here to make your night out the most awesome ever. We want you after partying with us to come back and recommend a friend. Kuli Alma is a music and art-focused nightlife nested into the creative crux of south Tel Aviv. Having opened doors in 2014, Kuli Alma focuses on bringing out-of-the-box content to a far-reaching audience of insatiable night owls, music lovers and culture enthusiasts, whether embedded within the local creative community or first-time visitors to Tel Aviv’s thriving nightlife landscape.

3. The Block Tel Aviv

The Block Tel Aviv

The Block club is situated in an old bus station in a building that looks like it used to be a warehouse or a terminal of some sort. It has 3 floors with different DJs. You can pre-book your ticket via a website and download it on your smartphone. The Block club admits people in groups to avoid crowding and give them the pep talk prior entering: “no drugs, no videos, don’t do anything stupid”

4. Bootleg Tel Aviv 

Bootleg Tel Aviv 

Bootleg is where to be on your night out at Tel Aviv. In one of the busiest streets in Tel Aviv, King George, you will find a club that everyone in the nightlife scene of Tel Aviv knows. Bootleg bar is the best place to watch live music in Tel Aviv. To the untrained eye, it looks like an ordinary entrance to a club, but when you pass through the main door and start to descend you discover a whole new world of sounds and energy. The Bootleg club has a vibrant atmosphere that is addictive. The minute you go down those stairs, you instantly detach yourself from the outside world and all that matters is the right here and now. That magical moment on the dance floor that lasts forever.

5. BackStage Tel Aviv

BackStage Tel Aviv

Are you a resident at Tel Aviv or a foreigner looking forward to having a great night out at Tel Aviv then Backstage club is the place to be. This location is at the lobby level of the Hotel Diaghilev, it serves hotel guests and outsiders, and it has indoor and outdoor seating. It has a simple kitchen, behind a counter, products are fresh and herbs are harvested in pots in the counter wall. We ordered breakfast to go, croissants, fresh orange juice and coffee, we managed to get fast service. We also had some drinks in the afternoon, they offer interesting cocktails, and the decor is simple and artistry matching the hotel’s ambience.

6. Noise Tel Aviv

Noise Tel Aviv

Night club in Tel Aviv, Israel. Recommended event on Friday with classic rock party on 3 floors. Full moon rock party with body and sea paintings stand surprises and exhibit crazy set, ultra lighting. This only happens once a year. Location is convenient, close to town center, 15 minutes’ walk to / from Hashalom station. The staff is very accommodating and extremely very nice. From its state of the art analog sound system, to their ability to lure in the world renowned Djs every weekend.

7. Magdalena Club TLV Tel Aviv

Magdalena Club TLV Tel Aviv

Magdalena is located just behind Solo where the Fashion bar uses to be. Business events, parties, and birthdays in the heart of Tel Aviv. Magdalene is located just behind Solo where the fashion bar use to be. Magdalene night club plays every genre of music, from dance, electro and house to rock, pop and reggae, and attracts partygoers and performers from all backgrounds. Music is the answer at Magdalene Club Tel Aviv.

8. Dreck Tel Aviv

Dreck is a Bar, Music and dancing club in Tel Aviv. Dreck Gay nights on Wednesdays has a Resident DJ play uplifting dance, pop, hip hop and house music. At Dreck there is free entrance and the party specializes in electronic music and offers a different party concept each week such as fashion show, hip-hop party, music concert, etc. Popular dance party every Wednesday night at Jimmy Who club for the gay/mixed crowd. The Dreck nightclub has bar music and dancing all through the night. Dreck nightclub parties mainly invite all the gorgeous Twinkies, jocks, bears, hipsters and curious guys to the best party this town has to offer. We recommend arriving early to avoid the entrance queues.

9. Duplex Club Tel Aviv 

Duplex Club Tel Aviv 

Duplex nightclub is located in Florentine Neighborhood specializing in 4 Floors parties with 90’s, Hip Hop, Rock and mainstream music. This is where to spend your night out when in Tel Aviv. The club has 3 different music floors, a rooftop for smokers and mingling. The place to be in Tel Avivl is a pure old school club. Every Friday party is unique with great people and amazing vibes.

10. Sarona Club Tel Aviv

Sarona Club Tel Aviv

Sarona is a small, cute city-center village with shopping, bars and restaurants. There is also a market. Digging deeper as there are restaurants and bars in the basements of the German-built houses. Very nice place with old reserved buildings, a lot of grass, coffee houses, restaurants and all kinds of stores. Very clean and very civilized market, an upmarket. I was particularly pleased with a few wine stores specializing in Israeli wines. The best parts of the market are the various sit-down eateries / restaurants. Sarona is a reconstructed German settlement with many interesting places to see, eat and shop. There’s a nice whiskey distillery and museum, many cafes, bakeries and restaurants, boutique local production shops and even a few fashion stores. The center operates on Saturdays.

11. Dungeon Club Tel Aviv 

Dungeon Club Tel Aviv 

Intending to be at Tel Aviv during your night out then Dungeon club is the place to be. Dungeon nightclub in Tel – Aviv. Not an exclusively gay venue. Dungeon hosts various fetish-themed events with dress codes and onstage shows, attracting people of all genders, shapes and sizes. Dungeon Club is another important bar in the Tel Aviv nightlife scene, a hub for S&M and fetishism, it is the only bar of its kind in Tel Aviv, Israel.

12. Alphabet Tel Aviv

Alphabet Tel Aviv

Welcome to Alphabet club in case you’re In search of a place to relate during your night out at Tel Aviv. An intimate bar with a consistent DJ line-up, friendly, and strong drinks. Ages 25+. The club is located in the most central part of the city, which means it’s easy to get there. The crowd of the club is very varied so it offers an atmosphere that you won’t find in most of the clubs in Tel Aviv. Underground club in the city center with a bohemian audience. The club has two separate parts. The first in the entrance usually plays more moderate electronic music with places to have a seat. In the other dance floor, you’ll have heavier electronic and Tech music, with a good wide bar. The sound quality is excellent. Alphabet is a night club which offers a variety of musical experience, alcohol and more. If you are looking for a clean and powerful sound, getting lost in the music, beautiful space and people, this is the club for you. From house to deep house, techno, hip hop and disco our goal is to give our audience the most intense experience possible.

13. BlackMilk Tel Aviv

 BlackMilk Tel Aviv

Blackmilk is a dance club and nightclub. It is the largest and blackest black line in Tel Aviv! Join and stay updated! The club houses the best DJs in Israel! Hip-Hop R&B Rap Soul makes the night out exceptional in Blackmilk club.
Milk Bar, the sister of Breakfast Club, is located on Rothschild Boulevard, and while Breakfast is the perfect place to get your techno and trance fix, Milk is the perfect spot for your disco and funk needs. Milk will have you going every night of the week, and you can party until the sun comes up. A mainstay for the past ten years in Tel Aviv, Milk is certainly not to be missed if you’re looking for a wild night out to let loose. Had a particularly bad work day? Time to head over to Milk and forget your troubles for a few hours (or an entire night).

14. Havana Club Tel Aviv

Havana Club Tel Aviv

Havana Club is one of the leading dance and bar clubs in Tel Aviv. Parties with dance instruction on various days: salsa, chata, reggaeton and urban keys, two magnificent complexes with music performances on amazing stages, private events and more …”. Indeed a place to be. This is a great club and you will be surprised beyond your expectations. Havana Club hosts a large salsa room with plenty of room to dance.The place is usually full and has lots of great dancers and a friendly social dance venue. You definitely feel very comfortable. The best place to learn from the basic steps… every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday , starts at 21:30 and you will love the atmosphere and the vibes. Salsa nights start at 9:30 with many lessons after which starts an all-night social salsa and bachata party.

15. G-Spot Club Tel Aviv 

G-Spot Club Tel Aviv 

If you are looking forward to dancing your night through with awesome relaxation and real experience G-Spot is the place to be. G-Spot is Israel’s true hip-hop club. The contemporary and fiery project of the legendary G-spot club, the Knox club group and the leading PR team “Blaza Blaze”, brings the global hip-hop scene to the hottest basement of Tel Aviv. On Thursdays from 11pm Trap and Newsco Net with all the right characters from the Tel Aviv hip-hop scene. Legendary hip-hop club since 2000.

16. JETSET Tel Aviv 

JETSET Tel Aviv 

JETSET is a unique concept for those who wish to experiment a bright and modern form of nightlife and techno music. Great mix by the best DJs. Two-level club and Hookah Lounge bar space, smoking couches and sofas, double bar. Lounge is located in a cozy open-air courtyard in the heart of Tel Aviv! And also you get a free entrance to JetSet nightclub. Jetset comprises of Bars & Clubs • Dance Clubs & Discos • Wine Bars. The club is simultaneously inclusive (affordable to all) and exclusively for those who value a little piece of civilization on their journey. In short, a place where you are always treated like No. 1, rather than part of the herd. Today, millions of Members across more than 148 countries are enjoying that No 1. Experience envisaged by our founder over two decades ago. Perhaps it’s time you joined them.

17. Alma de Cuba Tel Aviv

Alma de Cuba Tel Aviv

Alma is a Night club in Tel Aviv, Israel and if you want to warm yourself with charm nightclubs here is the place to be. Since its creation in 2012 “Alma de Cuba” is without a doubt the leading club in Tel Aviv characterised by the best standards of sound, lighting system, and dancing live shows. It is also characterized by the incredible energetic ambience that generates our events, something that’s very hard to explain by words. With a great Mojito, Cuban & Latin music in the background you will with no doubts enjoy.

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Is Tel Aviv good for nightlife?

t’s not a myth. Tel Aviv’s known as ‘the city that never sleeps’ for a reason. From a booming Tel Aviv nightlife bar scene to a collection of one-of-a-kind cocktail bars, you’d be silly to call it an early night in the White City

What do you wear to a club in Tel Aviv?

Luckily, in a beach city like Tel Aviv, life is a bit more casual. That’s why there is not really a dress code in most places. Don’t be surprised if you see people wearing shorts and flip flops in a fancy restaurant or in a classy cocktail bar.

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