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Cova Santa Ibiza


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Cova Santa Ibiza, Guide & Review

Having set in the breathtaking Ibiza countryside and being put up around a primeval cave; Cova Santa is an absolute and exclusive tourist attraction. It was discovered back in the 15th century before it opened to the people in 1957. It gained so much fame in the early nineties on account of its beautiful and vast event location along with an awe-inspiring restaurant, after-dinner dancing, and flamenco dancing shows.

The restaurant serves the exclusive gastronomic delights in a mesmerizing Ibizan spot. Grup Iglesias and Espai Kru arrived at Cova Santa, one of the most esteemed eatery groups in Spain, that took the isle to one of the most gossiped about the gastronomic experience in the whole Ibiza. Fresh ingredients are used with multiple techniques from various cultures, such as Korea, Mexico, China, Japan, and Peru; where the extensions of raw food like tartare, carpaccios, and sashimis are mouth-watering. The menu fits ideally into the environment, history, and philosophy of Cova Santa – an ancient natural cave about 25 meters of depth, sculptured by the waters of Sant Josep mountains for a long time.

The access to the cave is via a crack that leads to the 25-meter deep great cave and a staircase that goes down to the most unexpected and incredible show. The landscape of stalagmites and stalactites have created the formations of monumental shapes reflecting a wonderful dreamlike world than a typical mountain.

Together with the sensual atmosphere and the exquisite dining of Espai Kru, The ‘live shows’ configure an unmatched proposal on the island. Those who live it for once will surely not hesitate to recurrent it. The live performances give an additional value to the notion of fine dining at Cova Santa. So, do NOT miss out on this explicit once in a lifetime opportunity to have paramount dining with your loved one. You will repeat it again and again, it is a safe bet!

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