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If you like techno music and underground clubs this is the place in Milano!! The atmosphere is great, Audio quality is excellent, every week-end the best international djs!! No doubt Milan is living through its golden age as it candidates as one of the most cosmopolitan, upcoming & innovative cities in Europe, and guess what? Its clubbing scene, as well, is surely not just standing by. Milan’s nightlife is shifting sides and looking straight at its northern European clubbing twins as (more and more every new season) Top DJs and old glories pass from the city to leave a taste of their sounds. 

Here’s the list of the best clubs to experiment while living or visiting this amazing city. Loolapaloosa, Le Banque, Cafè Etniko, Dude Club, Amnesia, Tunnel Club, Rocket Club, Take, It easy, Volt, tunnel club, Club Haus 80’s Milano, The, Club Milano and Apophis Club, Apophis Club and  VibeRoom

1) Bobino Club Milan

Bobino Club Milan is the place for you if you are in Italy and want to have a good time. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that it is one of the best clubs out there, from having a “Bobino Sunday Lounge” on Sundays, with a dinner buffet, to having a summer season environment from May to September, it is catered to your every desire. It also has an outdoor garden that has a dance floor and palm trees, and the insides of the club have a lavish-looking interior with leather sofas. The Thursdays there are devoted to the Italian theme, with live concerts to Italian music by the DJ who makes you want to get up and dance no matter how tired you feel! The club has a huge space of 6,000 square meters on two floors with a variety of drinks and cocktails to choose from by skilled bartenders, to delicious dishes made in the kitchen at the club by expert chefs. If you really wish to make your trip to Italy memorable, visiting Bobino Club will set that plan in motion for sure.

2) Gattopardo Milan

Gattopardo Milan is club inside the remains of a church is not something you see every day, and it is definitely something to experience when in Milan. A location with a strong and passionate emotional aspect, Gattopardo Café is the ultimate location in Milan to host all kinds of parties, events and of course, amazing club nights. With a magnificent chandelier hanging right above the dance floor, the Gattapardo night club really gives a unique ambiance to a night club scene as never seen before.

3) Fabrique Milan

Fabrique Milan club sticks to the old traditions of Milan with a huge concert hall that is perfect for live DJ sets, rock concerts and every kind of glamour event you can imagine. The club is located in the outskirts of the city, in the Mecenate area. The area now taken up by the club used to include a record company and a distributor, while the rest was taken up by industrial space. All of these have now been combined to make Fabrique what it is today.

4) Loolapaloosa Milan

Loolapaloosa Milan is an extremely popular night club centered on amazing music and an indecent quantity of drinks! Located in one of the most popular areas of Milan; Corso Como, Loolapaloosa, with its unique and tongue-twisting name, promises to keep your tongue twisted all throughout the night! With an impressive array of cocktails, you can literally visit Loolapaloosa every night of the year, and still not have tasted all their delicious drinks!

5) Le Banque Club Milan

Le Banque Club Milan stands near Piazza Duomo, basking in the limelight of being one of the hippest and most exciting spots in town. Continually filled with exciting events and themed parties, Le Banque night club in Milan is probably one of the most popular spots for college party lovers and VIP fashionistas alike!


On weekends in Milan, after their end-of-meal digestif and espresso, locals and visitors flock to the plethora of clubs scattered across the city to dance the night away ‘til the wee hours of the next morning.

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