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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Milan

1) Just Cavalli Milan

Just Cavalli Milan is a glamorous restaurant exclusive night club in Milan. Each aspect of the night club seems to reflect the personal style and creativity of its creator, Roberto Cavalli. Just Cavalli offers its customers a chance to delve into the world of nightlife, clubbing and partying; Cavalli Style.

2) Old Fashion Milan

Old Fashion Milan lives quite up to its name. A historical night club located at the heart of the Sempione Park in Milan, Old Fashion Club is an iconic venue for parties; pure business-related, or simply pure pleasure. Old Fashion has been up and running since the year 1933, making it more of a historical landmark than an up and coming restaurant and night club in the city.

3) Nepentha Milan

Nepentha Milan a club in the heart of this metropolitan center of all things art and culture, mixes all of these defining features with all a modern human would need to enjoy a good night outside. When it comes to versatility inexperience, no club can truly mix taste and class with fun and magic like Nepentha Milan. With its walls covered with exquisite art and illustrations, and the vivid colors that transport anyone who visits another realm, this club boasts a unique outlook and experience. One thing that makes Nepentha stand out amongst the crowd is their selection of good food, wine, and ambiance to make sure your night is perfect. Nepentha promises anyone who enters a wonderful and magical experience filled with fantastic music, exquisite food, fine wine, and the best services available at the VIP table. So what are you waiting for? While you explore Milan’s art and culture, have a fun night of letting your hair down and make sure you visit Nepentha Milan.

4) Bobino Club Milan

Bobino Club Milan is the place for you if you are in Italy and want to have a good time. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that it is one of the best clubs out there, from having a “Bobino Sunday Lounge” on Sundays, with a dinner buffet, to having a summer season environment from May to September, it is catered to your every desire. It also has an outdoor garden that has a dance floor and palm trees, and the insides of the club have a lavish-looking interior with leather sofas. The Thursdays there are devoted to the Italian theme, with live concerts to Italian music by the DJ who makes you want to get up and dance no matter how tired you feel! The club has a huge space of 6,000 square meters on two floors with a variety of drinks and cocktails to choose from by skilled bartenders, to delicious dishes made in the kitchen at the club by expert chefs. If you really wish to make your trip to Italy memorable, visiting Bobino Club will set that plan in motion for sure.

5) The Club Milan

The Club Milan stand out amongst the sea of other institutions is the unique events the club presents on 5 days of the week. Not only is the Club Milano enjoyed because of its amazing music and disco club experience, but it also offers its customers a little more – with luxurious events, parties, and the kind of organization and setting perfect for corporate events, the Club Milano takes a step forward in giving the people exactly what they want. Over the years of experience that comes with this club’s staff, the Club Milano has created an exclusive VIP area that embodies the VIP experience and entertains big names in the industry and keeps up the Club Milano’s exclusive yet elegant image. When it comes to the event that flies in people from across the world, the Milan Fashion Week, the Club Milano is always on par and hosting events to keep the big names in fashion entertained through the week. In short, if you’re in Milan, and want to have one of the most exclusive yet elegant events of your time, your best bet is to start by booking a VIP table at The Club Milano.

6) Gattopardo Milan

Gattopardo Milan is club inside the remains of a church is not something you see every day, and it is definitely something to experience when in Milan. A location with a strong and passionate emotional aspect, Gattopardo Café is the ultimate location in Milan to host all kinds of parties, events and of course, amazing club nights. With a magnificent chandelier hanging right above the dance floor, the Gattapardo night club really gives a unique ambiance to a night club scene as never seen before.

7) Loolapaloosa Milan

Loolapaloosa Milan is an extremely popular night club centered on amazing music and an indecent quantity of drinks! Located in one of the most popular areas of Milan; Corso Como, Loolapaloosa, with its unique and tongue-twisting name, promises to keep your tongue twisted all throughout the night! With an impressive array of cocktails, you can literally visit Loolapaloosa every night of the year, and still not have tasted all their delicious drinks!

8) Le Banque Club Milan

Le Banque Club Milan stands near Piazza Duomo, basking in the limelight of being one of the hippest and most exciting spots in town. Continually filled with exciting events and themed parties, Le Banque night club in Milan is probably one of the most popular spots for college party lovers and VIP fashionistas alike!

9) Amnesia Milan

Amnesia Milan Nightclub will give you a night of a lifetime that you will remember forever! Located in Milan, Amnesia is not ‘just a nightclub’, but a polyfunctional location for all kinds of themed parties, fashion shows, and the likes. At first glance, Amnesia looks exactly like a post-modern, high tech structural design with a hint of minimalism. With black and steel décor, the club looks like a chic version of an industrial space that has been turned into a party venue for those in Milano.

10) The Beach Club Milan

The Beach Club Milan nightclub is a trendy disco in the city of Milan. Open four nights of the week, The Beach Club has something for all kinds of music lovers wrapped up in their weekly programs. The Beach is single-handedly one of the most sought-after, popular and exclusive venues in the whole of Milan.

11) Tocqueville 13 Milan

Tocqueville 13 Milan you immediately think of an amalgamation of elegance and modernity. Well, Tocqueville 13 club is just that; an elixir containing a magic potion of elegance, modern designs and concepts, and a venue that allows you to literally party your socks off. Tocqueville 13 has become an extremely sought after and popular venue ever since its conception. A truly unique venue where some of the most popular parties, events and of course, some of the best party scenes take place.

12) Armani Prive Milan

Armani Prive Milan is Its unique and elegant designing has been carried out under the direct supervision of Giorgio Armani; the founder of brand Armani. The interior features a blend of modern and traditional Italian furnishings incorporating bronze colours and illuminated walls with plenty of glass everywhere to give it a more flamboyant look. The ambience, interior, and lighting give it a peaceful, yet exciting feeling when you’re in a mood to dance a little bit. The songs played are usually the trendy and hit songs of that time and weekends are particularly important to look forward to if you’re into dancing, rather than drinking. Armani Prive has really created its own distinctive position among the partygoers of Milan and the whole world. The perks include a ladies night where free drinks are given to the ladies and the fun is combined with the intimacy of a member’s club.

13) Hollywood Milan

Hollywood Milan nightclub has a very hip hop and R&B aesthetic with its neon lighting, which sets the perfect stage for a night Hollywood glamour. The music that accompanies the setting creates an atmosphere where you can’t help but get on your feet and dance the night away. There are various perks on different nights of the week as well; for instance, if you go on a Thursday night, you can be part of the Bad B*tch party and get a free drink with your ticket, as well as priority entry. Or you can enjoy the Erasmus Party every Tuesday night, with 2 hours of unlimited beer and sangria, and some fun games of beer pong. So, if you want to truly experience the world-famous nightlife that the city of Milan has to offer, then the Hollywood club is one stop you absolutely have to try.

14) 11 Clubroom Milan

11 Clubroom Milan is one of the best around the world. And if you’re a tourist visiting Milan, there is no doubt you’ll want to know what that is all about. Located in Milan is a club that embodies everything about the VIP club life in Milan, 11 Clubroom. 11 clubroom boasts itself to be the only truly and purely international club serving the people of Milan. With a warm yet diverse ambiance allows for it to serve its customers in any way that they prefer – for private events, parties, corporate and elite and specialized events, and basically any situation where you want to be surrounded by fun people, good music, and an elegant setting. What makes 11 Clubroom stand out is the amazing setting, the good music, and that over the years, they have carefully selected a prestigious clientele that they feel best represents 11 Clubroom.

15) Sio Cafe Milan

Sio Cafe Milan is a trendy, disco-themed restaurant that offers delicacies from all around the world, as well as local favorites. It is more than just a themed restaurant though, as it doubles as an actual disco club as well, with DJs and live shows that include everything from jazz to cabaret.

16) Dude Club Milan

Dude Club Milan  is the perfect place for you to enjoy Milanese nightlife with live DJs and an electric atmosphere. Known for its electronic music, DJs from all over Italy and Europe come to the club to make sure no one leaves without having the time of their life. The party at Dude Club continues till the crack of dawn, with the best tunes you can dance to.

17) Fabrique Milan

Fabrique Milan club sticks to the old traditions of Milan with a huge concert hall that is perfect for live DJ sets, rock concerts and every kind of glamour event you can imagine. The club is located in the outskirts of the city, in the Mecenate area. The area now taken up by the club used to include a record company and a distributor, while the rest was taken up by industrial space. All of these have now been combined to make Fabrique what it is today.

18) Circolo Magnolia Milan

Circolo Magnolia Milan  is known among the locals for the quality of concerts and music it provides every single night. The club is a little hard to reach since it is located outside the city of Milan, near Idroscalo, but if you want to experience quality music and have a good time, then the journey is more than worth it.
As great as all the concerts at Circolo Magnolia are, it would make sense for the price of the club to be quite high. But, that is not the case at all. You can easily get entrance to the club for 10 euros at most, while the drinks, such as the cocktails, usually cost about 5 euros. However, there is one catch; you need an Arci card to be able to get into the club. You can get the card for 10 euros, and it will be valid for the whole year so you can continue enjoying the nightlife offered by Circolo Magnolia throughout the year.

19) Alcatraz Milan

Alcatraz Milan is known for its open space that is perfect for hosting large events, such as music concerts, conferences, fashion shows, and more. When the club isn’t hosting some special event, it is packed with regular clubbers who just want to spend the night with some great music and even better atmosphere to party the night away.

20) Vibe Room Milan

Vibe Room Milan is the first of its kind in Milan with a completely “Urban” Italian vibe and a focus on Hip-Hop music exclusively. Entering the club is like you have entered a venue in New York City; everything from the décor to the playlist is reminiscent of the New York life. The club is built on two levels and is located in City Life Porta Nuova, which is a new fashion and design district a little distance from Corso Como. The location and the club itself is quite glamorous. The entrance to the club is set with a huge staircase, while the high ceilings and stained glass windows transport you to another world. Once you enter Vibe Room, you become a part of a universe where style and sophistication are of utmost importance.

21) Le Jardin Milan

Le Jardin Milan  is located in the Idroscalo area, which has an artificial lake and is situated near the Linate airport in East Milan. This particular area is known for the Milanese nightlife, especially during the summers, because the whole place turns into some of the largest open-air discos in the city. Among these popular open-air discos is the famous Le Jardin club.

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