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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Madrid

1. Teatro Kapital Madrid

The largest and the most diverse club in all of Madrid, Kapital Club is spread out over 7 floors! With each room oozing a different vibe and atmosphere, Kapital Club has become the most sought after club in all of Madrid. A favourite amongst VIP guests and Real Madrid football players, club goers have a huge chance of bumping into some very famous faces in this club. Of course, being such a super exclusive club in Madrid comes with a price.

2. Fabrik Madrid

The outdoor terrace area has its very own river; something you would not expect of a usual nightclub! There are giant ice machines inside the club which fill up the insides with smoke, creating a mysterious atmosphere to find interesting people at the club to vibe with. The audio-visual impact given by Fabrik is just out of this world; something which you need to experience at least once when in Madrid.

3. Teatro Barcelo Madrid

Formerly known as club Pacha and T Club, Teatro Barcelo, Madrid, has slowly risen to fame, now being one of the most popular and glamorous clubs in Madrid. If there is one thing which has been highlighted at Teatro Barcelo, it is the attention to detail. There are several rooms at this club, and each club has been designed so intricately, so as to give you a complete experience of its own.

4. La Terraza de Oscar Madrid

In the heart of Madrid, Spain, near the Gran Via., is the Room Mate Hotels with its gorgeous roof terrace. La Terraza de Oscar, is set to be your favorite place for drinks, relaxed rooftop dining, music, swimming pool and good times with 360° view. Tomás Alía, a famous designer with the soul of an artist, created the lounge, Balinese beds, chaise longue loungers and a large bar.

5. Moondance Madrid

A small night club with a capacity to host just 300 people at a time, Moondance Club in Madrid is a popular night club with a rich, international feel. This night club is known to host several exciting events for international student crowds, with one night of the week sincerely dedicated to college going party lovers in Madrid!

6. La Riviera Madrid

La Riviera is a magnificent night club which has been rocking on for generations in Madrid, becoming known as one of the most popular and prestigious hot spots in the city. The night club has a massive dance floor right in the middle, and an open-air terrace when you wish to take a breather during your night here at the club. The open-air terrace is the most attractive feature about La Riviera, as it turns into the most popular night club venue during the summer months. However, the air-conditioned venue makes it a perfect spot for hosting all sorts of events, parties and club nights all year round as well.

7. Joy Eslava Madrid

Introducing a completely new concept which was previously unknown to Spain, Club Joy Eslava actively brought macro disco to the country during the 1980’s. Since then, Joy Eslava has become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike in Madrid. A small scale venue with some of the greatest international artists having displayed their talents here, Club Joy Eslava has become synonymous with ‘live concerts, full of excitement and beautiful music’ in Madrid.

8. Shoko Madrid 

Shoko Club in Madrid is more of a chameleon than just a party venue. This night club beautifully transforms itself into anything that the event being held there calls for. Located in the famous district of La Latina in Madrid, Shoko Club has become one of the most popular spots for parties, concerts and live shows.

9. Goya Social Club Madrid 

Goya Social Club is a small club with a capacity of just 200 people. However, this night club has become one of the most favorite spots for party goers in Madrid. The décor of the club is quite notable; a subtle blend of an industrial space meets a clandestine atmosphere. The night club is exclusive and stands out from other nightclubs due to several reasons. The sound quality, the music selection, the mix of performing DJs and artists and the location of the club.

10. Opium Madrid 

Slowly working its way up to the hearts of club goers in Madrid, Opium Club has now become one of the most exclusive and the best VIP Clubs in Madrid. Much like its famous twin in Barcelona (Opium Barcelona), Opium, Madrid is the go to place to enjoy some of the best live performances, concerts and the talents of local and international artists both.

11. Thundercat Club Madrid 

A lively rock and roll night club located along the depths of Madrid, Thundercat club has been around for ages now. The ambience of Thundercat club is something very comforting, bubbly and yet gives you a tinge of nostalgia. Thundercat club is known for its music taste which usually dates back to the 70’s, 80’s and the 90’s. You can expect to groove along to some of the most nostalgic classic rock songs along with a few pop songs here and there.

12. Bling Bling Madrid

Bling Bling Club, Madrid, just as the name suggests, is all about glamour, beauty, and of course, lots of bling! The club gets its name not only from the kind of interior décor and ambience that it has decided to create but also due to the kind of clientele that is attracted to this club. You will find some of the hottest, trendiest and most elegantly dressed folks from all over the globe visiting Bling Bling Club.

13. Mondo Disko Madrid

The night club that was first welcomed to the world in 1999, Mondo Club, Madrid, is a popular electronic dance music club which is frequented by music lovers, both local as well as international. One of the biggest attractions of Mondo Club is the friendly vibe and ambience of the club. The club has an outstanding sound system which it uses to play the favorites of the club goers of Mondo.

14. Gunilla Club Madrid

Gunilla night club in Madrid is a new and upcoming club which has gained popularity due to several reasons. One of the first things that will strike you about Gunilla Club is its ultra-modern touch for the interior décor of the club. Decorated in gold and red all over, Gunilla Club seems to have a Baroque style influence in its taste. The second thing that will strike you about Gunilla is how sophisticated and elegant this night club actually is. From the high ceilings to the gorgeous lamps which belong in a luxury hotel, to its beautiful flowing curtains, and the red and gold theme all over, Gunilla Club is the epitome of elegance amongst Madrid nightclubs.

15. Icon Club Madrid 

Icon Club is a fairly new addition to the nightlife of Madrid. The current venue of Icon Club was previously used to host some extremely exciting events in Madrid, however, Icon Club now stands proudly as one of the most popular and highly demanded clubs in Madrid. The main attractions of Icon Club would be the over the top sound system, the mind-boggling events and party nights which this night club hosts, and the extremely modern, chilled out atmosphere and vibe of this club.

16. Nazca Events Club Madrid 

Madrid is filled with all kinds of nightclubs which cater to the tastes of different types of clientele. There are specific types of club goers who are seeking out the elegant, sophisticated and trendy club atmosphere and vibe, and Nazca Madrid caters just to those clientele.

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