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Located at 60 Kings street in the heart of Melbourne‘s CBD is the Cloud Nine night club. The venue opens a little after dark, culminating early the next day. Collections of music which you would love to hear, and dances which would interest you to watch are available at the long-standing night club. Saturdays are always for fun, and the night club offers no less of it. For the other days of the week, Cloud Nine is closed except on some special days in which the venue is being hired for events.

The basement is a strategic spot to host your event considering its cozy setting and wide dancefloor. The rooftop is also spacious. Cloud Nine boasts of having the biggest rooftop in Melbourne. A favorite facility for those regular with the pipe and those who prefer an open surrounding for their gaiety, the smartly decorated rooftop offers for each of the guests comfort and entertainment. An experience at the rooftop is quite fun. The royal feeling of having to view Melbourne’s skyline right inside a room is best experienced than imagined. The fun is more renounced if there with a loved one; you can end up getting into a romantic friendship. One never knows! Celebrating birthday at such a venue could only be fun, and so is hen parties as there are special offers for that. There’re VIP rooms for those seeking more privacy, and these are at a comfortable price.

The organization at Cloud Nine is commendable. The bartenders are expectedly friendly. A nice place to enjoy a wonderful drink, Cloud Nine have provisions for wines of your taste. One, two, or even multiple shots, you just have to get an order through and await it being mixed to your craving. Whether on a Saturday or any other day in which the bar is open, there’s always something to cheer up with. The basement is usually occupied, and to get a front seat, you need to be in the venue early.

Local and international artists patronize the venue, and they are quite regular there. You would be sated with cool music and dance at the venue, and you could even end up getting to befriend music lovers as well. The rotating DJs are there to put you in an excellent mood, letting you have the choice on whether to return to fun. Entertainment, fun, and music await you at the Cloud Nine!

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