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Mendoza’s Social Club Melbourne, Guide & Review

16 Corrs lane, Melbourne is where to locate the Mendoza’s Social Club. It’s the Latino nightlife venue to lookout for in the heart of Melbourne. Opens Fridays and Saturdays, the hotspot is a nice environment to hangout in, especially after an activity filled day. The venue is a perfect place to learn Salsa dance, and the atmosphere supports that too! There are counts of friendly individuals at the club, their gaiety easily seen in their reaction to every good sound coming from the speakers. Speaking of people, the Mendoza’s Social Club in any of its day of activity is filled to capacity, and if one isn’t early to it, there’s a possibility he/she wouldn’t be allowed in. Although the mood around the Mendoza’s is wonderful, the heat up due to the numbers of persons packed in it might be inconveniencing, and the air conditioning system might only be of little help.

The atmosphere at the club is nice thanks to the music rendering. The DJs are sincerely good in their mixes. And if you’re one lover of South American sounds, the blend of music offered ignites the soul, ensuring thorough satisfaction. The DJs are good, and the artists are no less good. The venue’s pulpit is occasionally manned by visiting stand-up artists, and this goes a long way in kindling the regular Melbourne crowd in there. In-house artists also get their regular job done, ensuring the club is never devoid of fun.

Merriment is best with drinks, and Mendoza’s Social Club is one of Melbourne’s best spot to have both. The quaint collection of South American drinks could be gotten at a fair price. Sometimes, these drinks could be taken in combination with some conventional meals. The meals and drinks are served by meek staffs who ensure your needs are well met. From flavoured cocktails to the mix of powerful signature wine, the bartenders get it made quite quickly.

As with the food and meal, Mendoza’s Social Club has a Latin feel and setting. This is easily noticeable by one entering the venue for a first time. You get to witness this conventional vibe at this unique venue. And as unique as it is, the nightlife spot has no less entertainment and fun for a nightlife venue of such repute. It is truly one of Melbourne’s best nightlife spot, one worthy of a visit!

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