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Pulp Club Melbourne, Guide & Review

Located within Melbourne‘s Chinatown, Pulp Club is one of the city’s dance and music venues. Situated on Euro House in Corrs Lane, the club is a good spot to cool off after the bustle of a long day. There’s fun and music in the nightlife venue and that is being ensured with the great organization witnessed there. In-house resident DJs ensures all guests are fed with several varieties of music, from rap and reggae to hip-hop and R&B. You’ve got to swerve your feets instinctively, thanks to the quality of sound from the speakers. The jovial crowd with their unrestrained yells then makes for a welcoming atmosphere. Activities at the Pulp Club commences early Fridays and Saturdays by 7 pm, and culminates the following morning. Pulp Club remains shut for the other days of the week except the club’s space is being hired for a promoted event.

Liquors are there for the taking at affordable prices. At pulp club, there are some cold pressed juices suitable for people of all ages. However, not everybody is allowed into the venue. Persons under the age of 18 are restricted from entrance, and consequent on this, eighteenth birthday celebration isn’t allowed. You will need to spare your kids and young teenagers a time to be at home, while mum and dad gets to indulge in fun. If you’re one who is well ready for a booze, There’re lots of alcoholic drinks for you. These drinks are sold at convenient pricing, considering that the nightlife venue is situated within a city. A taste or two of their delicately made Martini would entice you into taking more cups. For those special nights, you might get yourself some signature wine or premium beers. And with any of the two, the cozy atmosphere at the Pulp Club would leave you refreshed and yearning for more.

On a cool weekend night at the favorite club, you might get yourself entangled with one of the friendly co-clubbers. One never knows! The glows and ornate facilities induce a more sensual feeling within you. More friendly are the bartenders who ensure that the right mixes are served you and on time. If you believe and concede to the reins of lightings, atmosphere, and arts, then Pulp Club is the place for you!

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