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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Munich

1) Bad Angel Munich

Bad Angel Munich

Bad Angel Munich has its doors open every evening from Monday to Sunday, the exact opening times can be found on the map. All contact options for questions or reservations as well. The Bad Angel with its Table dance Club in the heart of Munich has been a fixture in the nightlife for years. 

2) 8 Below Munich

8 Below Munich

8 Below Munich is an underground club where you can dance electronic music and independent. Frequented by young alternative place. Every Tuesday there is the evening “Heimatabend” with German songs and traditional costumes, while Saturday is dedicated to Rock/Indie music. Between Stachus and the central station in Munich, the former “Lola & Ludwig” was transformed into the unique underground club 8 Below. All kinds of interesting utensils were used for the interior design: car tires, prison cells and sometimes quite wicked paintings create the atmosphere of a real, edgy rock club.

3) BLITZ Club Munich

BLITZ Club Munich

BLITZ Club Munich has always been a place of forward-thinking visions. By 2017 it was transformed into a multifunctional venue, consisting of three mainstays. Sustainable state-of-the-art design and a unique sound experience fused into a room-in-room concept are in the spotlight of BLITZ club. An open kitchen area and a panorama window front offer bright and warm ambience at BLITZ restaurant. BLITZ garden convinces with its vibrant and sunny location by the river. Whether running special cultural events, showcasing your products or exhibitions in a contemporary environment: we are looking forward to share and implement ideas with you.

4) Born To Rock Munich

 Born To Rock Munich

Born To Rock Munich was established in 2010. Bob offers a unique architectural design, which delivers a one of state of the art sound experience, whether it’s house music on Fridays or HipHop beats on Saturdays. Primarily, Bob Beaman is supposed to be fun and about good times. The Bob Beaman Music Club is a great simple small club with superb sound focused on the essence with the motto “Vote for Music!”

5) Call Me Drella Munich

Call Me Drella Munich

Call Me Drella Munich is one of the most thrilling clubbing brands in the earth. From VIP clientele to extreme entertainment, this is a night-out you will never forget. Drella was the self-given nickname of Andy Warhol from the times of Velvet Undergrounds, a symbiosis of Dracula and Cinderella. By day introverted and withdrawn busy with his art, the glamorous Princess of the Night awoke in him as night fell.

6) Bob Beaman Munich

Bob Beaman Munich

Bob Beaman Munich is not too big, so no space is wasted! Everywhere you turn, people are dancing. Booths are tucked away behind the DJ’s booth, and people are dancing even there. The back wall has a small raised area, which keeps things interesting; Nonetheless the door policy keeps the place from getting overcrowded, so even at the high point of the night, you still have space to dance. The club was named after the 1968 long jump Olympic Champion and long time world record holder Bob Beamon, because the crew behind the club has a tradition of naming their paces after athletes.

7) CIRCULO Munich


CIRCULO Munich are located in the annexes as well as a complete floor of the Gleko skyscraper. A total of 8 well-equipped dance rooms are available for lessons. For unique party evenings, the mobile partitions of the classrooms are removed and transformed into 3 stylish party areas. Three party areas in parallel offer the best conditions, space and atmosphere for dancing, celebrating and enjoying.

8) Cord Club Munich

Cord Club Munich

Cord Club Munich is an institution which (as the name suggests) wants to be more informal and casual. The music is not, the focal point is 70s feeling that gives the Club good vibe. The celebratory mood and dripping wet all walls are the cool consequence of the concept. Super nice people and good DJ’s, the prices are in the Munich-based standard. It is the right address for those who feel in good hands with indie and alternative. Also the bouncers not so hard are here like in the famous atomic café.

9) Crux Munich

Crux Munich

Crux Munich won the 2015 Munich Nightlife Awards Best Club (Music) awards and is one of the few nightclubs of the city within walking distance from Marienplatz. The Crux is relatively small, so the bouncers take a closer look at you sometimes. Small nightclub with low-lit interior, hosting DJs playing hip-hop, electro, disco & rock music. The Crux in Munich is one of the few clubs near Marienplatz. But not only the location is unique, so is the music. In addition, the Residents are trying to hang up in the Crux again and again, new DJs, so it is not always the same. There is a lot of Hip Hop, RnB and Black – for lovers the perfect alternative to the Crowns Club , which unfortunately is at the Ostbahnhof. 

10) CROWNS CLUB Munich


CROWNS CLUB Munich with its club, the cocktail bar, the restaurant and the adjoining garden offers a place where, according to many guests, you feel like in your own living room and like to come back. The inspiration behind the Krone was to make a place where hip-hop is at home and where you can party, unwind and have fun.

11) Deluxe Munich

 Deluxe Munich

Deluxe Munich Nightclub is an amazing dance club in Munich. You will easily fall in love with the creative environment and groovy dance beats served daily – making it highly rated by media and roster of artists and musicians. As a nightclub, this is one of the greatest attractions in the city. Because of Deluxe Munich’s accessibility, amazing thematic structure, sonic design, and known DJs hying up the night – it is no wonder why this club draws big crowd.

12) Madam Strip Club Munich

Madam Strip Club Munich

Madam Strip Club Munich is the most elite Gentlemen’s Club in Munich, where you bring your best business clients and partners to experience a memorable time. With class, discretion and the most beautiful girls of Munich. Their Madam showgirls are international and each of them is casted after strict criteria and checked regarding her qualifications and professionalism. At Madam Tabledance & Strip Club gentlemen with highest demands will find first class drinks and a tasteful atmosphere. Enjoy their Models & Showgirls with sensual moments and fantastic entertaining at their bar or exclusive separess.

13) Eddy’s Rock Club Munich

Eddy’s Rock Club Munich

Eddy’s Rock Club Munich is a small, cosy rock club in Munich. Every third Saturday of the month, you can listen to the finest live music. Eddy’s Rock Club is just a few steps away from the venue Tonhalle and in the midst of a greater nightlife area. Classic Rock and Hard Rock tunes meet nicely designed bar. There’s a live stage as well as hosting cover bands and smaller acts. Theme nights include Depeche Mode sounds or alike. No entry, no dress code, no VIPs. They have 100% rock in a casual atmosphere. Until the wee hours of the morning they celebrate the quivering rock sound with Augustiner beer, tequila, uncle Jack and exquisite single malt whiskey.

14) FKK Club Fantasy Munich

FKK Club Fantasy Munich

FKK Club Fantasy Munich is  in the Bavarian metropolis of Munich, there is no doubt about it: sauna, whirlpool and massages, sexy club guests (18+) and party wait there from morning to night for the visitors. This unique combination of recreation, entertainment, and eroticism, across the full range of possible experiences, provides an individualized pleasure that begins with a broad grin on the face, and – (not just there) as chiseled – pauses until the temporary “end.” Of course only until you feel drawn back to the club, which skillfully serves your imagination! 

15) Crash Munich

Crash Munich

Crash Munich was in 1968 at the location where Strom venue is a refuge for Indie fans today. The older Crash Club was one of the biggest Rock locations Munich had to offer back in the 60s and 70s. Famous groupie Uschi Obermaier and the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Uriah Heep, Led Zeppelin, and Udo Lindenberg had been on the guest list of this very place. In 1993, they moved to student district Schwabing. Still today, a Rock focused party location, with the DJ playing everything from Classic Rock to Progressive, from Hard Rock to Nu Metal.

16) Dive Bar Munich

Dive Bar Munich

Dive Bar Munich was once a classic Boazn. Before, the corkscrew, an offshoot of the bottle opener on Fraunhoferstraße, was at home here. Although nobody drank beer in the morning at the Dive Bar, the pub did not throw tradition overboard. The room is perfect for a dive bar. When 15 people drink in the dive bar, the little pub feels pleasantly full. There is hardly any room to sit, but the counter is even better. The atmosphere is friendly, the boss and bartender converses with his guests, but does not press on.

17) Folks! club Munich

Folks! club Munich

Folks! club Munich is your classic disco at Sendlinger Tor in the centre of Munich! It plays music from the 20s to the 70s, but still be ready for some modern influences. Their DJs on vinyls or live bands make you swing with funk, jazz, rock’n’roll and electro-swing. It’s the mix of their music that makes you return. Come along and don’t forget your dancing shoes!

18) Harry Klein Munich

Harry Klein Munich

Harry Klein Munich is well-known in Munich for its superb Electro, Techno and RnB booking and won the Best Booking category of the 2015 Munich Nightlife Awards and reached the Top 5 in several other categories. There are two floors and huge screens at the walls for visuals, which are one of the trademarks of the Harry Klein. Harry Klein, which reopened in 2010, was named after the ‘‘fetch the car” assistant in the famous German detective series Inspector Derrick. In Harry Klein, a unique, completely sound-proof room-in-room construction made of concrete was created to protect the neighborhood from the outside. Inside, however, an optimal sound experience is realized. The structural design, the projections, the arrangement, the bar – all serve the functionality of the party to celebrate an ideal night as possible.

19) Heart Restaurant & Bar Munich

Heart Restaurant & Bar Munich

Heart Restaurant & Bar Munich is now a real classic among Munich culinary fans. Artistic gastronomy that does not leave even the most discerning desires unfulfilled, in an upscale yet informally casual ambience. Their service staff will gladly recommend the right wine for every dish. Enjoy delicious meat, seafood and veggie specialties with live cooking and BBQ grill. To cool off, they serve delicious drinks and cocktails. They invite you on all beautiful, sunny Wednesday evenings in the summer for a cozy BBQ dinner under the open sky in the center of Munich.

20) Milla Munich

Milla Munich

Milla Munich wants to be all but simple. The size of the room doesn’t really fit for a disco and also it is slightly skewed so hold on tight to your drinks. The furniture was bought on flea markets and fits perfectly to the vintage style. Milla used to be a long kept secret but is these days one of the best venues for indie concerts or jazz jam sessions. It feels more like 90’s Berlin than present Munich and perhaps is the best venue in town for underground concerts and everything but ordinary. One of Munich’s trendiest clubs, Milla offers a forum for international and national newcomers in the Bavarian capital.

21) Milchbar Munich

Milchbar Munich

Milchbar Munich has a long history in Munich’s nightlife. Starting as a milkshake bar at the Ostbahnhof, it is now a real club. The Milch Bar or milchundbar (milk bar) is Munich’s mainstream club. It is classic and located near the Sendlinger Tor and thereby easy to get to using public transport. The Eden, the Cord and the Lover’s clubs are located nearby. The club is open 7 days a week and on weekends, you can party until 9am. Beware, Thursdays is 90s night.

22) Mint Club Munchen Munich

Mint Club Munchen Munich

Mint Club Munchen Munich is one of the most vibrant nightclubs in Munich. They host the liveliest themed parties from fresh to retro ones. This has been one of the most favorite venues for salsa, bachata, and Latin dance. In addition, there are also various programs held here from live percussion music and club party every Wednesday. It oozes with only positive vibes for a memorable partying in Munich.

23) Ksar Barclub Munich

Ksar Barclub Munich

Ksar Barclub Munich is very sociable which will help you hang out with new people. The interior is one of the key attractions of this nightclub that will keep you pepped up. The music played at Ksar Club is simply amazing as it will force you to shake a leg or two. There are numerous events that take place at this nightclub generally on the weekends. A laid-back but stylish nightclub great for hearing and dancing to underground beats, Ksar Club can be found in the lively Glockenbach neighborhood. Offering gests the experience of a happening bar, intimate lounge, and hot nightclub all in one, Ksar Club features an outstanding selection of signature cocktails that will surely please any taste.

24) Neuraum Munich

Neuraum Munich

Neuraum Munich is one of Munich’s largest clubs. It features three generous dance floors (the largest floor has 600 square metres) all with different music and there is even a German Schlager bar. The Neuraum also has a large outdoor area. Opening hours start from 10:30pm on Fridays and Saturday and there is no fixed closing time. The club is also open the day before a holiday. Whoever behaves and dresses decently has no problem at the door.

25) Nachtgalerie Munich

Nachtgalerie Munich

Nachtgalerie Munich is just the best music and the cheapest drink prices in the city on top! Every Saturday it says in the night gallery: There is only one gas … FULL GAS! Their incredibly cheap drink prices are simply unbeatable and drinks are of course only the finest – because in the Nachtgalerie only branded products are used. In their two areas – the hall with party sound & current charts and the clubbing room with Black & R’n’B – they always complement their sensational price concept with the hottest beats.

26) Moj Club Munich

Moj Club Munich

Moj Club Munich features neon-lit disco & cocktail lounge with DJs & live music, frequented by a mostly Balkan clientele. Packed full of amazing music, people and experiences, Moj Club is one of the hottest party spots for fun lovers to enjoy. Moj Club is all about great times with great music and great friends. There’s a completely unique clubbing experience serving up luxury, late nights and great music.

27) La Nuit Discotheque Munich

La Nuit Discotheque Munich

La Nuit Discotheque Munich opened its doors to Munich at the end of 2012 and has since become a popular club between Karlsplatz (Stachus) and Odeonsplatz. La Nuit plays a lot of Hip Hop, Charts and sometimes Electro and is therefore ideal for parties. The club is small and cool. The guests and the staff are friendly. To get in you should be dressed neat or stylish and not already drunk.

28) Strom Munich

Strom Munich

Strom Munich is one of the best music venues in Munich especially when it comes to indie music. It is located specifically at Lindwurmstr 88, where all guests are revealing into great sounds from postpunk, alternative, ska, to electronic music. Entrance on Strom at its price depends upon who’s performing for the evening. There are plenty of affordable drinks to choose as well as bar snacks to nibble on. Musicians who have played and continue playing are those who are now established musicians like LANY, Frank Turner, Niila, Periphery, Alt-J and more indie acts that are just entering the music scene.

29) Substanz Club Munich

Substanz Club Munich

Substanz Club Munich has become the brand for Munich. And completely independent. The store has a quarter of a heart and, above all, one thing: a concept that lives from its wide mix – sometimes club, sometimes pub, sometimes cabaret stage. All the more remarkable is what the substance boss has done in 25 years from the club. It can only be hoped that this place of independence, subculture and great party fun will remain for many decades to come. Because Munich tolerates quite a hefty portion of unadjusted substance. Whether for a party, student party, theater performance, closed society or as a location, the club can also be rented. If you want to rent the whole club, you should have at least 150 people. If regulars can celebrate, the fun is even rent-free. Otherwise, a fair price is negotiated.

30) True Love – Private Gentlemen Nightclub Munich

 True Love – Private Gentlemen Nightclub Munich

True Love – Private Gentlemens Nightclub Munich is sophisticated and at the same time sexy girls await you in a pleasant and erotic, crackling atmosphere. Everything is possible in this nightclub, but nothing is a must! The club values a relaxed atmosphere in the club. Their trained and unobtrusive staff will do everything to read the wishes of their guests from the eyes. An exquisite selection of champagne varieties is ready for you … use the opportunity to spoil your taste buds.

31) Villa Roma Munich

Villa Roma Munich

Villa Roma Munich stands for the extraordinary, the special – briefly, the ultimate in eroticism. It is an exquisite 5-star nightclub in the north of Munich, where you, their most valued guest, can immerse yourself in a world of erotic temptations and possibilities. A brothel that will entice you with its beautiful young ladies and allow you to experience the very best that the red light district has to offer. Nightlife doesn’t get any more erotic than this.

32) Boobs Gentlemen’s Club Munich

Boobs Gentlemen’s Club Munich

Boobs Gentlemen’s Club Munich is seeking a great night out with insanely gorgeous women then look no further then Boobs. Since 15 years it is known for sophisticated adult entertainment with appealing erotic ambient and a luxury level in Munich city. Over the years it became the first address for bachelor parties, company parties or just an unforgettable party night. The club is very proud that even TV and movie production companies like this club for their productions.

33) New Pasha´s Munchen Munich

New Pasha´s Munchen Munich

New Pasha´s Munchen Munich is excellently accessible in the immediate vicinity of the new Munich Trade Fair. Only 3 minutes from there you can expect a harem full of passion. By public transport you can reach us by metro and bus. Just use the route planner to find the fastest way to them. This club is a great place for people of like-minded to meet in a safe, friendly and chic atmosphere. Lovers of sophisticated fun adult entertainment will love this club. The atmosphere is very jovial, casual and fun. Learn, celebrate and experience the indescribable atmosphere and energy with amazing people. 

34) NY.Club Munich

NY.Club Munich

NY.Club Munich  is globally renowned as the best, trendiest gay nightclub in Munich. The club that used to be based at Sonnenstr.25 has now shifted to High Jinks (Elisenstr. 3). Expect the parties to feature some of the very best DJ’s from around the world. The new NY.Club is on an opening level and features a hi-technical sound and lighting system. There is ample room to dance and even a huge open air terrace where you can drink and smoke. One VIP-area is available for reservation only. For special needs they even have a darkroom.

35) P1 Gaststätten GmbH Diskothek Munich

P1 Gaststätten GmbH Diskothek Munich

P1 Gaststätten GmbH Diskothek Munich has been the most elaborate staging in German nightlife, where it can quickly come to an intake stop after a short time. Real elephants, giant wheels, Jesus statues, Harley parades or Roman festivals – from Steve Aoki to Tiesto to Jan Delay – there’s nothing the P1 guest has not experienced yet. Once you have passed the door, the night lies at your feet. From tradition to escalation, the historic catacombs of the P1 Club have already experienced everything. The scent of H’ugo’s crispy truffle pizza and sparkling fireworks is in the air. 

36) Palais Club Munich

Palais Club Munich

Palais Club Munich is a club located next to the train station, in which they dance House music. The interior design wonder anyone enters: Velvet walls, spangles, red lights and chandeliers create a great atmosphere. It is popular with trendy young. It is advisable to arrive early enough to not get out of the club. Palais is a nightclub situated in the city center, near the Hauptbahnhof. It’s not the coolest spot in town, but has been consistently fairly popular for many years. Perfect for those who still feel like an extended “Afterhour” under the actual party night.

37) Pacha Munich

Pacha Munich

Pacha Munich franchise club outside of Spain offers six bars, generously sized dance floor and a terrace to chill in the summer. You have to look sober and be decently dressed to get past the bouncers. Launched in 1973 in Ibiza, Pacha became the star of the party island immediately. The fever infected the whole world: from Buenos Aires to London and Madrid. From Moscow to Sharm el Sheikh and Florianopolis to Sidney and New York – and since December 2000 directly to Munich.

38) Paradiso Tanzbar Munich

Paradiso Tanzbar Munich

Paradiso Tanzbar Munich has a total guest area of ​​about 100 square meters and welcomes small and large companies up to 350 people. The equipment is dominated by red velvet, heavy crystal chandeliers and many mirrors. The dance floor is – as it should be – in the middle of it and often everywhere. The coveted seating area promises not too much: their tables provide a cozy place for an exclusive Paradiso experience, reasonable discretion distance to the next table included.

39) Queens Tabledance & Nightclub Munich

Queens Tabledance & Nightclub Munich

Queens Tabledance & Nightclub Munich Enjoy their captivating shows! Be enthralled by an adoring private dance while enjoying excellent drinks in the calm atmosphere in one of their private rooms. Always in charming company! Munich’s exclusive Tabledance Club, is world renowned for its gorgeous hostesses and beautiful nude dancers. They provide a first class service from the minute you walk through the door. Tasteful Ambience in famous Strip Club. This atmosphere invites to relax. An exquisite selection of drinks, privacy, and good company. Munich’s largest Stripclub offers you the privacy you would like to have while enjoying a private dance in one of the 10 Private Rooms that their 5380 square feet club has to offer.

40) Ralph Pelster GmbH Munich

Ralph Pelster GmbH Munich

Ralph Pelster GmbH Munich is celebration bar, scene local, living room beer garden and Wohlfühlort in one. And in the middle of Schwabing, directly at the Münchner Freiheit. Whether celebrating, chatting, listening to good music or watching live sporting events, everyone (and everyone!) will find the right one for themselves here. Party for outside and inside. From fresh draft Kölsch or Tegernseer, to delicious cocktails, to rhubarb juice cherries and back to exclusive spirits from all over the world, you’ll certainly find the taste in the barschwein drinks menu that will make your party even more enjoyable. 

41) Pimpernel Munich

Pimpernel Munich

Pimpernel Munich  is a hot, fashionable place to be: Whether straight or gay, young or old, hip or old school, everyone parties and dances here till the small hours. If you’re after a sterile high-tech atmosphere, you certainly won’t find it here: dark wood furnishings, extravagant lighting and cozy alcoves create an interior where you can let your imagination run riot, and which recalls the club’s vibrant history. When others close, Pimpernel is only getting started! Pimpernel is the venue where many people end up when going out in Munich. Therefore a varied crowd comes together here.

42) Rote Sonne Munich

Rote Sonne Munich

Rote Sonne Munich is a no frills dance club and live music spot named after the 1969 West German feminist cult film of the same name and first opened its doors in 2005. One of the best venues to hear and dance to inspired DJ sets, from both local and international DJs, whirling a range of house, techno, minimal, dance, and electro, Rote Sonne is also a great spot to take in a live performance, with famous past guests including Laurent Garnier, Animal Collective, Patrick Pulsinger, and more.

43) Schlagergarten UG Munich

Schlagergarten UG Munich

Schlagergarten UG Munich club is open from Friday to Saturday from 22 clock. Musically, you only get to hear German and international hits here, after all, the name is also a program … There is also something to win – it’s worth it! You want to celebrate a bachelor party, birthday, company events and more? You can also rent the Schlager disco for special events. On request, they put together a delicious buffet according to your wishes. 

44) Showtime Tabledance Munich

Showtime Tabledance Munich

Showtime Tabledance Munich Strip Club holds exclusive after-party parties every day from 8pm to 8am with non-stop striptease shows and table dancing. The Showtime Team wants to assist you and your guests enjoy an ambiance of first-class warmth. Their beautiful girls are famous for their wild aftershow parties and want to have an unforgettable experience. VIP backstage bottle service! If you really feel like it! You always desire to get your perfect experience here! Showtime also provides Champagne and VIP lounges for private entertainment.

45) Cohibar City Munich

Cohibar City Munich

Cohibar City Munich Happy Hour is from Wednesday to Sunday from 20 clock – 21 clock! The perfect opportunity to taste their cocktail recommendation of the month. On the new drinks menu you will find many more unique creations of their bartenders, where you have to try! Descend into this brick cellar, usually packed to the rafters with partiers, and take in the smells of smoke, perfume, sweet and fragrant peppermint from the Mojitos. Che Guevara, whose likeness is featured on the wall, is no doubt rolling in his grave at the thought of the proletariat doing garish cocktail tricks for capitalist consumers of nightlife. Ask about free Samba and Salsa lessons.

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